United Church of the Plains

Date January 8, 2014
The Governing Board of the United Church of the Plains met Wednesday, January 8, 2014 at the Trinity site parsonage. Present were:
Terms ending 2013: Present: Wendell Draper, -- Absent: Greg Vath, Hannah Geller
Terms ending 2014: Present: Deana Winkelman, Johnadene Winkelman, Excused: Phil Flohr
Terms ending 2015: Present:; Colleen McKay, Mark Cape, Weston McConnell,
Moderator: Pastor Eric Alm
Treasurer: Connie Winkelman
Parish Treasurer: Karen Larson
Visitors: Jim Larson, Taylor Berner, Kaitlyn Berner, Dani McKay, Zane Lineback
Pastor opened with devotions from Jeremiah at 7:45.
A quorum was declared present and the meeting was called to order at 7:50 p.m.
The members of the Youth Group attended to present their thoughts on our building situation and upcoming vote to move to one building. Kaitlyn presented their thoughts. They think we need a new church building in one location. Deana brought up the cost and the debt that they would be facing in the future. They will also present their thoughts at the Annual Meeting. We thanked them for coming and for their well thought out presentation and invited them to stay at the meeting for as long as they wanted.
Minutes of the December 2013 meeting: Weston made a motion to approve the minutes of the November 2013 meeting, second Wendell. Motion passed
Pastor’s Report for the months of December: Mark made a motion to approve Pastor’s report, second Deana. Motion approved. Pastor will be gone the weekend of the Presbytery meeting. He asked for someone to attend the meeting in Ft. Morgan.
Treasurer’s Report for November:
Wendell made a motion approve the treasurer’s report, second Mark. Motion approved.
Total offerings for the month of December were $10,166.93 and total expenses were $7,146.90.
Opening balance on December 1, 2013 was $40,716.52 and ending balance on December 31 was $43,742.22
Sacraments and Ordinances: Communion was served on December 1, 8, and 24.
Reports of Committees:
Worship Committee: The worship committee has worship planned through March 2nd. Pastor explained what we have tentatively planned for Lenten services. We will again have Lenten services with Immanuel. We will have Ash Wednesday and they will have Maundy Thursday. Good Friday will be at UCP. Deana will email the dates to Ben Block.
Christian Education and Youth: No report.
Mission Outreach: Pastor had cards made up to put in the pews so that people can let him know their needs and new or visiting people can let us know they were attending.
Building and Grounds: No Report
Memorial Committee: No report.
Stewardship Committee: No Report.
External Transition: No report.
Weston made a motion to accept all committee reports second Wendell. Motion carried.
Old Business:
We still need a Commissioner for the Presbytery.
We discussed updating the Constitution when we reduce the board to six members from nine. There were some amendments from synod that will need to be added to our constitution. Jim will go over them and see what needs to be changed on them to agree with the Presbyterian part of our constitution before we present them to the congregation.
Deana reported that the Budget Committee had met and has a new budget to present at the Annual Meeting.
New Business:
We discussed the agenda for the Annual Meeting.
Deana made a motion that we approved changing worship time with Immanuel on January 19 so they can hold their Annual Meeting on that Sunday, second Johnadene. Motion approved.
General discussion was held on ideas for keeping worship new and in keeping with the world today to keep members and perhaps bring back old members. Do we want to have a contemporary service once a month again? Pastor will talk with the youth group to see if they would want to help lead a contemporary service. Johnadene reminded everyone that the Worship committee would be happy to have more people come to their meetings and help plan worship. It meets about every five or six weeks and meetings are listed in the bulletin or call Karen Larson for more information.
We voted to approve the transfer of Heidi Gillespie to UCP.
Weston made a motion that we adjourn at 9:30 second Mark. We closed with prayer.
Our next meeting will be February 5, 2014 at 7:30 at the parsonage. Communion/money counters for January are Mark and Colleen.
Respectfully submitted,
Johnadene Winkelman, Clerk

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